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High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) Diamonds
High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) Diamonds

HPHT, which stands for 'High Pressure and High Temperature,' is a process used in creating CVD diamonds. This method replicates the natural diamond formation that occurs deep underground. Over recent years, HPHT technology has advanced significantly, making HPHT CVD diamonds increasingly popular for their stunning beauty and affordability.

We are a Leading HPHT Diamond Manufacturer

With over two years in the HPHT diamond manufacturing industry, we are known as a top HPHT diamond manufacturer. Our advanced infrastructure and resource optimization allow us to craft visually stunning, top-quality HPHT diamonds that rival the natural ones in aesthetic beauty.

CVD vs. HPHT Diamonds: A Comprehensive Comparison
Type (Color) Natural CVD HPHT
Ia (colorless) Common --- ---
Ib (yellow) Rare Rare Available
IIa (colorless) Rare Available Available
IIb (blue) Rare Rare Rare