Lab Grown Diamond Process

Grow Rough Diamond

A rough CVD diamond is created by growing carbon formations on a diamond seed in a controlled lab environment that mimics the conditions found deep beneath the Earth's crust. If you'd like to learn more, click here.

Analyzing and Choosing Raw Diamonds

After growing, each rough diamond undergoes thorough inspection, with experts noting inclusions and assessing yield. Only diamonds with optimal clarity and minimal inclusions are meticulously selected.

Scanning and Planning

The Chosen Rough Diamond: Utilizing 3D Scanning and Precision Planning for Optimal Shape and Size

Stone Marking

After the finalization of the plan, our skilled diamond markers meticulously assess the diamond's characteristics and inclusions to mark precise cutting points on both sides. These marked diamonds are then carefully forwarded to the Laser Sawing Department for precision cutting.

Laser Process

Each marked rough diamond is placed securely on a brass dopstick, individually. Our expert diamond cutters carefully align the diamond's position with the designated grooves, and then employ a precise laser-cutting process to separate the rough diamond into distinct pieces.

Plan Verification

The rough diamond piece is subsequently returned to our Planning Department for a meticulous review to ensure alignment with the initial plan. Any necessary amendments are made at this stage before advancing to the final cutting process.

Final Laser Process

The ultimate shape is achieved through advanced laser processing systems, ensuring the precise cuts and proportions are achieved for the final diamond shape.

HPHT Process

The diamond is subsequently subjected to the HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) process to enhance its fluorescence. This process effectively mitigates the inherent brown or yellow coloration found in nearly all diamonds, resulting in improved overall color quality.


Our highly skilled diamond cutters and polishers meticulously work on the facets and shape, carefully optimizing the diamond to refract and reflect the optimal amount of brilliance and scintillation.

Internal Grading

Then our in house diamond graders who an eye to access and determine the quality of the diamond grades the diamond.

Boiling & Cleaning

Lastly the polished diamond is kept in chemical for 24 hours to remove all the impurities, dust particles, lint and or hand or finger prints.


Lastly Diamond is then sent for certification. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is world’s largest independent laboratory that carefully studies lab grown diamonds for its authenticity. It assesses a diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat weight.